Are you a Snob?

It is so unreasonable to feel prejudice toward a person simply because he is attracted by quality, by handmade products or by distinguished brands. We cannot just condemn the billions of wine snobs, shoe snobs, beer snobs, car snobs, book snobs, garden snobs, antique snobs, design snobs, movie snobs and tens of other genres that live peacefully amongst us. Rare, authentic and exclusive items and events satisfy their need for uniqueness, they flatter their ego and banish the banality and insipidness of everyday life. For the snob flees popularization and standardization: he wants to rise above the masses and "shine"! By all means, snobbism is a quasi-noble, even quasi-spiritual inspiration!  

For sure you are someone's snob. Snobbery is everywhere, in every social class, in every age group. It manifests itself in marketing and in business, in our life style, in our opinion, in fashion, in art, in sex and in politics: Marie-Antoinette, hissed at by a marquis who found society ill-conceived, was, according to a famous historian of the French Revolution, a "snobbery of that time”.

Whether intellectual, philosophical or material, conservative, avant-garde or just fashionable, every snob is a precious consumer. The influence of snobbery on culture and economy has never been seriously studied, but even the most jaded economist can imagine that it is an enormous and vast issue. Alas: unlike sex appeal, snob appeal is indefinable and intangible. In addition, some snobbisms call themselves minimalist or even understated. Sometimes it’s just an air or what the French call “un esprit”. How invisible and, by the way for those who think that snobbery always implicates costs, inexpensive is that !?

Do you wish to develop an app for snobs and are desperately looking for content? Do you need a "snobby" viewpoint on an event or an object? Do you want to test the knowledge of snobbism of your staff in an amusing and entertaining way? (Who said that snobbery was pedantic?!) Are you tempted to publish an educational book for parents (who are scared to death of the idea their offspring might not be snobbish enough) or a snob's guide to a country or a capital, even Tirana ? I would be delighted to help you !