Anton Moonen

Antonius Roth-Moonen, born in the Netherlands (1956) worked for media companies in France, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Morocco, Russia, Scandinavia and Finland as production manager, art director, international communications manager and COO; but also as editor-in-chief, head hunter, correspondent, journalist and as an author has written several books on snobbism:

  • Die Welt der Snobs (The World of Snobs), Leipzig 1999.
  • Petit Bréviaire du Snobisme (Little Breviary of Snobbism), Paris 2000, 2011; translated and published in Lisbon (2004), Zagreb (2004), Rome (2007, 2012).
  • Kleine Encyclopedie van het Snobisme (Little Encyclopaedia of Snobbery), Amsterdam 2000.
  • Kleine Encyclopedie van het Culinair Snobisme (Little Encyclopaedia of culinary snobbery), Amsterdam 2002.
  • Beroemd! Kleine Encyclopedie van de roem (Famous! Little Encyclopaedia of Celebrity), Amsterdam 2005.
  • Snob Appeal : Lo snobismo dei sensi (Snob Appeal: the snobbism of the senses), Rome 2008.
  • Snob Extrême – Précis de fuite arctique et antarctique  (Extreme Snob – Handbook for an Arctic and Antarctic escape), Paris 2009.
  • Manuel de savoir-vivre à l’usage des maîtres et maîtresses de chien (Etiquette guidebook for dog owners), Paris 2011.
  • Mini Bréviaire du Snobisme (de 0 à 18 ans) (Mini Breviary of Snobbism (from 0 to 18 years), Paris 2020.

And several essays and other publications on snobbism such as:

  • Les Yuppies soviétiques (The Soviet Yuppies) for a special issue on Moscow by French magazine Autrement), Paris 1989.
  • Si vous partez demain pour Moscou (If you leave for Moscow tomorrow): tourist guide of Moscow sponsored by Louis Vuitton, Paris 1989.
  • Royal Snob in NLD, Amsterdam 2007.
  • Lob (eines Snobs) auf die Anonymität (A Snob praising Anonymity) in Kosmopolis 20, Berlin 2010.
  • Foreword to The Book of Snobs by William M. Thackeray, Blue of Noon, Hong Kong 2011.
  • Der Snob und das Genie (The Snob and the Genius) in Kosmopolis 21-22, Berlin 2011.
  • Le Carré snob (The snobbish scarf) in La Vie en Rose, Amsterdam 2012
  • Een kroon op je bord (A Crown on your Plate) in Vorstelyk Tafelen (Dîner princièrement), Amsterdam 2016 ; including some very snobbish recipes on ...
  • Ferien eines Snobs (Snobby Holidays) in Kosmopolis 33 , Berlin 2018.
  • Der simple Optimismus des Snobismus (The simple optimism of snobbism) in Kosmopolis 35-36, Berlin 2019
  • Ethische Gedanken eines Snobs (Ethical thoughts of a Snob) in Kosmopolis 37-38, Berlin 2020

(Press revues available on demand)

He also appears regularly in TV magazines (a very popular French TV host called him the King of Snobs…) and several European papers and on-line glossies as Vogue, Vanity Fair, Paris Deluxe, La Vie en Rose, etc., are always eager to publish his peculiar, caustic and hilarious views on society.

He has lectured at The Erasmus University in Rotterdam (“Snobbery in Literature”); La Maison Descartes in Amsterdam (“Am I a Snob?” inspired by Virginia Woolf), the HQ of Cartier International in Paris (“Luxury & Snobbery”); the Palazzo Ruspoli in Rome (“Snobbism & Philosophy”), at business schools (“Marketing & Snobbery”), at Rotary Clubs, etc., etc..